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To look at a thing is very different from seeing a thing. One does not see anything until one sees its beauty. Then, and then only, does it come into existence…

Oscar Wilde

Latest Pieces:

A Mission/Arts and Crafts style sideboard


a Maloof inspired Rocker

Quartersawn white oak. Please note the figure in the front panels.

Walnut Rocker with Maple anklets

Imagine a piece lasting multiple generations

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Built to be handed down for many generations

Have a piece built that all of your visitors will admire

Hand it down through generations

Custom made fine furniture: How did all this start?

Well, with a bookshelf. I have always read a lot and my book collection had come to such a size that it now required something better than a simple pine box. Frankly many were strewn helter skelter on the floor. I had looked all over in stores and the internet and simply could not find what I wanted. So after a very long search I finally decided that I would build my own. Previously in university I had built some strong utilitarian pine furniture so I had very basic skills. Well, how hard could it be? I was very pleased with the final result, back then, and still have and use the piece though at that time, joinery was just a Oak Bookshelf Headdifficult word, carving was for the european masters and a radial arm saw could do everything. On this piece the oak wood and moldings were purchased from a big box retailer and carvings were glued from stamped plywood appliques. It looked and still does look great and many people still comment on how nice it is. BUT, it was not good enough. The bug had crept into my blood and I could not shake it. I needed to build more and the pieces needed to be completely handcrafted. They needed to stand out and they had to be hand carved. I knew nothing about carving at all. So I learned, first chip carving and then relief. At first, all I owned was a chip knife and 2 or 3 carving chisels…I thought I was set. Well over 50 chisels later and with thousands of dollars in tools I can now say my ignorance was the only thing that made this all possible. Had I known then how much time and money I would spend on this “hobby” I would have fled.

Why the need to build hand crafted furniture in this fast paced, outsourced, Information Technology day and age? Why, because, for me, it really is the antithesis of our age, an almost echo like effect. Whatever happened to beauty, quality and time? Whatever happened to people noticing craftsmanship as opposed to buying things that have obsolescence planned into them, and are therefore quickly disposed of. When did we decide to succumb to a false economy and start thinking it was better to buy the same thing repeatedly rather than buy it once and pass it down to younger generations?

Heirloom Quality furniture lasts generations with minimal care. By its very nature it is Green in that fullest sense. It is functional art, it is useful, it is beautiful and it is not thown away into a landfill. It provides happiness and pride. It is made from live materials that are beautiful beyond compare that are pleasing to the eye, the sense of touch as well as our sense of smell. It lasts multiple generations.

Who is heirloom quality furniture for? It is for you and anyone who thinks beauty should once again be a part of our lives. Get heirloom quality craftsmanship today, there is something inside of you that craves it.

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Heirloom Quality Fine Woodworking

Located in Beautiful Erin Ontario

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Heirloom Quality Fine Woodworking

Located in beautiful Erin Ontario

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The show at the Williams Mill on July 1 2017 was great.

Thanks to all who came and visited.